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Wilkes County woman lands huge $1 million lottery win -

On Wednesday, she claimed her prize at the Raleigh lottery headquarters. Given a choice of a 20 payment annuity of $50,000 a year or one lump sum of $600,000, she took the lump sum. After the required state and federal tax withholdings, Lee still came ... ... (Read More)
Posted by Buying Lottery Tickets on 09/21/2018

EuroMillions jackpot tomorrow night will be £115MILLION – enough to make it Britain's fourth biggest lottery win ever - The Sun

Andy Carter, the National Lottery's senior winners' adviser said: "With that giant cheque you'd have more than enough to change the lives of the people close to you and spend your days travelling the globe. "EuroMillions players help raise the £30 ... ... (Read More)
Posted by Buying Lottery Tickets on 09/21/2018

Five Dock $5 million Lotto winner dreamed he'd win jackpot - Daily Telegraph

Just one day earlier, the man claimed that he would have a win before his planned retirement next year. They then plan on travelling to Poland to visit family, while also moving to Surfers Paradise where they will renovate a newly purchased home. The ... ... (Read More)
Posted by Buying Lottery Tickets on 09/17/2018

UK's youngest Lottery winner 'thought she would die' in attack after night out - Metro

Britain's youngest Lottery Winer thought she would die when she was attacked and dragged around 'like a rag doll' after a night out. Callie Rogers, who won £1.87million aged 16, was kicked, punched and stamped on by Marie Hinde, 37, and Jade Quayle, ... ... (Read More)
Posted by Buying Lottery Tickets on 09/17/2018

Trip to McDonald's Leads North Carolina Man to a $200000 Lottery Win - Inside Edition

A North Carolina man is "lovin' it" after a decision to stop at McDonald's earned him a $200,000 lottery win. It all started when Edward Rackley stopped on his way to the fast food chain to buy a Back Scratch lottery ticket, he told North Carolina ... ... (Read More)
Posted by Buying Lottery Tickets on 09/14/2018
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