Lotto Kings Mauritius

Lotto Kings is listed #11 of 23 in Mauritius for online lotto ticket sites
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While Lotto Kings might offer online lottery ticket purchases in Mauritius, we will not recommend playing there. It is one of our lower rated Mauritius lottery ticket sites, with a rating of 7.4/10. You should avoid playing at any site rated lower than 7.5, because there are much better playing alternatives available for Mauritians.

At this time our best lottery ticket site for Mauritius is: Lottofy. If you are trying to find for an alternative to Lotto Kings you should start there. To see all of the best lotto ticket sites available for you, see our list: Mauritius Lotto. If you'd like to visit Lotto Kings anyway, their website is

Best Alternate in Mauritius for Lotto Kings

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  • Increase your chances of winning with Lottofy SUPER Formulas
  • Join other players to increase your chances with Syndicates, Funds, and Groups
  • No hidden fees! If you win, you get the full prize amount

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