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I was wondering where I can buy lottery tickets near me? Then I found Lotto Kings! It is certainly the place to enjoy it all! You get 100% of the money you win deposited right into your account. It is a secure site with a very good reputation. They have lots of winners and that is because of the volume of players here.

Nothing is more frustrating than a website which loads slowly or that seems to be full of errors and delays. You can put such problems aside though with the best lotto software in place at Lotto Kings. They often introduce new software before their competitors in an effort to ensure you are always happy with your experience. It is easy to find all you need on their site and the graphics are amazing.

You will enjoy the variety of lotto games featured at Lotto Kings too. You can select from basic games such as the lottery. You can also go for the larger jackpot winnings with the Powerball games. You can easily buy lottery tickets for games that occur all around the world without hassles or complications.

Do you have questions you didn`t find answers to on the website? There is no reason to guess or to worry. Lotto Kings makes it very simple for you to get results with the help of their well informed and friendly support team. You can call them, email them, or use the live chat option.

There isn`t a VIP program offered at this time by Lotto Kings. However, they do have plenty of recurring customers due to how easy it is to claim your earnings and the high jackpot amounts on many of the lottery syndicates they can buy you tickets for. They do have bonus offers that are frequently advertised so make sure you check into them.

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Lotto Kings Welcome Bonus
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100% up to $100
Welcome Bonus Information:   (Updated: 01/02/2017)
Lotto Kings offer a 100% refund bonus on the first ticket purchase for new users.

"Lotto Kings" User Comments

Monisha Vinod

Lotto Kings

  (Score: 1 out of 5)

"LottoKings is a let down. For a first time lottery ticket buyer who wanted to do this on a lark with her boyfriend, I was in for a rude shock to think that it would be smooth with these guys. I bought a ticket to the Powerball and later that day, an agent calls to try convincing me to buy that Saturday's raffle tickets. I thought I would buy one but the transaction did not go through (the bank rejected it and wanted me to confirm). I took it as a "sign" :P and said maybe another time, when he asked me for another card. I said to cancel the transaction and that I wasn't interested. The next day, I see a missed call from the same number and two minutes later an email saying that THREE raffle tickets were bought using my card!! Without any authorization at all. I was shocked and called back on the number... There was a week to go before Saturday's raffle and I spent every day calling twice or even thrice during the day trying to get them to cancel the transaction. Numerous emails and assured confirmation from other agents resulted in my tickets getting canceled for that Saturday but the CHARGE on my card was not canceled conveniently. Please don't buy tickets on this website. They just try to catch you off guard and fool first timers like me."

Posted: March 26th, 2017

Lotto Kings

  (Score: 4 out of 5)

"Did you even ask for the scan?"

Posted: June 10th, 2016

Lotto Kings

  (Score: 1 out of 5)

"This site is bad, once you purchase your ticket they do not send a photocopy of purchased tickets and you cannot access your numbers in your account anywhere"

Posted: January 12th, 2016
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